A Place to Train Up Leaders and Organizers in Philanthropy.  

Funders for Justice is a place for trouble-makers and visionary leaders in philanthropy. A place for problem-solvers and catalytic change-makers in philanthropy. A place for the curious committed to manifesting tangible change. A place to learn, support each other, and tell the whole truth about this political moment: what communities and organizations are facing, what they’re doing to fight and build new ways, and how funders need to step up.   

Our three powerhouse co-chairs – Manuela Arciniegas, Director of Andrus Family Fund, Tynesha McHarris, principal of Black Harvest, and Molly Schultz Hafid, Executive Director of Butler Family Fund – demonstrate every day that building deep partnership with each other moves mountains.  

Each of FFJ’s four strategy groups is led by two FFJ members committed to being accountable to and in close partnership with their funder peers and to movements. The strategy groups are a place to get politically clear and take action together, a place to be creative and supported. The strategy groups are interdependent, as these issues are for movements and communities – and all of us. 

“FFJ has created a space for me to not only connect with colleagues with a vast array of experiences and from all parts of the country with shared values and interests, but it has become a safe space for me to process and talk out loud some of the things that I struggle with— whether it has been related to my role within the foundation or how I can more authentically be in solidarity with my partners in Orange County with an intersectional and explicit racial justice lens.  This has been critical for me especially in a year that in so many ways embodied the perfect storm the systemic injustices that are thrust upon so many communities of color.” – Sandy Chiang, The California Endowment, and co-lead of FFJ’s Police Unions Strategy Group  

“2020 has highlighted how critical it is to have philanthropy moving in alignment with movement. FFJ is facilitating, organizing, and providing the political education necessary to create that alignment among funders. They are playing a really invaluable role in philanthropy.” -Jeree Thomas, Communities Transforming Policing Fund at Borealis Philanthropy & Co-Lead of FFJ’s Police Unions Strategy Group 

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Funders for Justice