Published March 2022

FFJ offers this summary report on the strategies and approaches that various movement actors are taking as they respond to safety and security concerns. It is our hope that this summary serves as a building block and resource to advance our collective learning and work on safety and security.

Quote from Che Johnson-Long, Vision Change Win

Table of Contents

Part I. Introduction & Goals

Part II. Session Briefs with Recommendations to Funders

  • Session 1. History, Context & Defining Safety & Security
  • Session 2. State Threats, Technology & Surveillance Capitalism, and White Supremacy & White Nationalists
  • Session 3. The Far Right and White Nationalists
  • Session 4. We Keep Us Safe! Community Defense Strategies, Part 1 (Healing Justice, Copwatch, Gendered Islamophobia, & Alternatives to Calling 911)
  • Session 5. We Keep Us Safe! Community Defense Strategies, Part 2 (Digital Security & Movement Tech, Cultural & Arts Strategies, & Capacity Builders)
  • Session 6. Movement and Foundation Relationships

Part III. Top Recommendations for Funders

Download the Report

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Cover page of Safety & Security Institute Report

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