Dear Funders for Justice community,

Rejoice! Today, Funders for Justice launches as an independent organization.

FFJ is a national network and organizing platform for grant makers, donor networks, and funder affinity groups to mobilize resources to grassroots organizing led by and for folks of color at the intersections of racial justice, gender justice, ending criminalization, and building models for community safety & justice. We are a space for visioning a new world that is possible, and for taking action towards making that vision possible in our lifetime.

Funders for Justice began as a phone call to support folks rising up in Ferguson, and then uprisings in cities across the country. In 2014 and 2015, we sought to amplify movement work and to educate and push philanthropy to resource organizations with boldness and clarity. We reached as many funders as we could and expected to last a year at most.

In the six years since our first call, FFJ has become a catalyst and mobilizer, led by our members and in intentional partnership with movement. FFJ has evolved into a robust network of over 500 funders, eight programs, 15 movement advisors, eleven formal member leaders, and a growing staff.

The Mandate for Philanthropy in this Time

FFJ steps into this next chapter with a clear political analysis, grounded that social justice philanthropy has a mandate to support and resource frontline movements like we want them to win. We envision a philanthropy that mobilizes more dollars than ever before for grassroots organizing to contest for power against well-funded opposition forces; a philanthropy that is in authentic, direct partnership with movement.

“In this moment of unprecedented division and violence, it is now more necessary than ever to build authentic and long-lasting relationships between funders and organizers. Funders for Justice serves as both a bridge between philanthropy and movements, and a vehicle for funders to learn, connect, and organize to resource organizations fighting to advance racial and gender justice. FFJ grounds itself in humility, grace and an intimate understanding that philanthropy at its best, requires that communities lead and funders follow.”

Jennie Agmi, Libra Foundation, and co-lead of FFJ’s “me too.” in Philanthropy Strategy Group

Please share our announcement with your funder colleagues, and encourage them to become a member today! And of course, as always, we hope you will reach out to Lorraine at to connect.

Follow us on social media: IG: @Funders4Justice Twitter: Funders4Justice FB: @funders4justice – and celebrate with us!

Onwards, in community, boldly and unafraid,

Manuela Arciniegas, Director of Andrus Family Fund and co-chair of Funders for Justice

Molly Schultz Hafid, Executive Director of Butler Family Fund and co-chair of Funders for Justice

Tynesha McHarris, Principle of Black Harvest, and co-chair of Funders for Justice

Lorraine Ramirez

, Executive Director, Funders for Justice