Funders for Justice is a national network and organizing platform for grant-makers, donor networks, and funder affinity groups to mobilize resources to grassroots organizing at the intersections of racial justice, gender justice, ending criminalization, and building models for community safety & justice.

FFJ lifts up funding needs and opportunities directly from grassroots organizations, and helps connect its members to partnership opportunities with peer funders. We host a number of program areas for our members to get involved in.

Membership Levels

Please select your membership level based on the amount of your annual grantmaking. These amounts are guidance – we understand that your membership payment capacity may be in between the levels offered here. Once you have selected your membership level, please consider stretching your membership amount based on the extent to which you look to FFJ for guidance on your own grantmaking (both strategy as well as specific grants), and the extent to which FFJ is your political home.

Note: Individual consultants to (s) foundation(s) and/or advisors to wealthy individuals who are actively advising or working with a foundation client and who are interested in joining us, please contact us at

Following are suggested membership levels for institutions with very large grantmaking budgets. We encourage you to make a grant typical to your usual grant size, which may be larger than the suggested membership grant amount.


Grantmaking institutions (public and private foundations), funder collaboratives, and donor networks that proactively mobilize funding to communities.

We welcome funders committed to learning, building alignment, and taking action with other FFJ members to mobilize resources to grassroots organizing, led by and for people of color, at the intersections of racial justice, gender justice, ending criminalization, and building models for community safety and justice. We understand that each institution may join at a different entry point, and we welcome funders who are on a learning journey. All membership applications are reviewed and approved by the FFJ steering committee.

What We Offer With Membership

FFJ members are the heart and purpose of our work. Learn more about our approach and program areas.


  • FFJ orientation call for your team
  • Free access to FFJ’s Member Orientation Packet
  • Discounted access to edited versions of prior webinar recordings
  • Early access to registration for national convening & member organizing meetings
  • Free access to monthly trainings for our general members, on issues such as:
    • Intro to abolition
    • Intro to disability justice
    • Digital security for funders as part of a safety & security culture
    • Housing justice & ending criminalization
    • Intro to divest/invest
    • Intro to intersections of abolition & ending sexual and gender-based violence
    • Intro to eroding the power of police unions
    • Intro to ending pre-trial detention
    • Intro to healing justice
    • Intro to funder organizing

Already a member? Click here for our membership orientation packet. Please note that you will need a password to open the document. You will receive a password when your institution pays its membership fee. If you don’t know your password, please feel free to write Kita Urias, General Member Organizer at

New Membership