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We’re a national network of funders increasing resources to grassroots organizations addressing the intersection of racial justice, gender justice, community safety, and criminalization.


Cultivating an Accountability Practice for Philanthropy

Funders for Justice cultivates a culture of accountability in philanthropy, in which we hold ourselves, each other, and our institutions to a high standard. We fortify our members to stand strong when they are confronted for their bold and necessary grant-making. Philanthropy must step up to share in the risk that movements and communities bear. FFJ urges our members to take responsibility to spend it all. We also hold space for funders to listen [...]

A Place to Train Up Leaders and Organizers in Philanthropy

A Place to Train Up Leaders and Organizers in Philanthropy.   Funders for Justice is a place for trouble-makers and visionary leaders in philanthropy. A place for problem-solvers and catalytic change-makers in philanthropy. A place for the curious committed to manifesting tangible change. A place to learn, support each other, and tell the whole truth about this political moment: what communities and organizations are facing, what they’re doing to fight and build new ways, [...]

Big News from Funders for Justice!

Dear Funders for Justice community,  Rejoice! Today, Funders for Justice launches as an independent organization.  FFJ is a national network and organizing platform for grant makers, donor networks, and funder affinity groups to mobilize resources to grassroots organizing led by and for folks of color at the intersections of racial justice, gender justice, ending criminalization, and building models for community safety & justice. We are a space for visioning a new world that [...]

FFJ Advisor Discussion Series Highlight: Mary Hooks

Next up in FFJ’s series of interviews with our Advisors: Mary Hooks, Co-Director of Southerners on New Ground (SONG) and a leader of the National Bail Out. Make sure to check out the new Until Freedom Comes Bail Out Toolkit, from the National Bail Out. We asked Mary to tell us about a recent win on bail reform with the Atlanta city council, what visionary organizing looks like, and what funders can do in this moment.

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