Each year, ABFE hosts an annual conference, convening more than 250 members, stakeholders and partners to advance a collective agenda of increasing public and private investments in Black communities. We offer attendees a set of informational and professional development workshops, and members of ABFE have come to look forward to this time of networking, engagement around shared interests in supporting Black communities, and recognition of our colleagues in the field.

The 2015 conference will spotlight individuals who are leading philanthropy as well as contemporary cutting-edge philanthropic strategies to support Black communities. Given the events in Ferguson, MO and other cities across the country, Empower Philanthropy! 2015 will take a closer look at investment strategies that support community organizing and build leadership and power. These principles are rooted in the notions of collective responsibility, self-help and racial pride at a time of rapid demographic shifts in our country.

The deadline for submitting workshops in December 23.

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