Are you a funder – grantmaker, affinity group, or donor – looking to find out how to best support community organizing and protests against criminalization and for black lives? Write to us at Following are some of the specific funding and partnership opportunities from FFJ members.

Foundation for Louisiana    CONTACT: Flozell Daniels

Foundation for Louisana has launched a special fund to support the urgent organizing happening in Baton Rouge.


Headwaters Foundation for Justice (Minneapolis)

Headwaters has re-opened the Emergency Fund for Black Lives, which was initially launched to support organizers during the Jamar Clark/4th Precinct occupation. Funds raised will go towards Black Lives Matter – Minneapolis (BLM-MN) and Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC).

CONTACT: Maria De La Cruz


Urgent Action Fund for Women CONTACT: Shalini Eddens

Since 2014, we have been providing grants to activists in the U.S. We have a rapid response mechanism in place, we respond within 24-72 hours, we don’t require nonprofit status to apply. Applications can be done online or we can complete over the phone if that online access is difficult. Applications are available at Our grants are up to $5,000. We can also act as an intermediary for larger foundations who are not able to move funds to the ground quickly or require a 501 C(3) status to fund.