On July 5, The Center for Popular Democracy (CDP), Law for Black Lives, Black Youth Project 100 (BYP100), and over 25 affiliates and allies released a new report examining the budgets of 12 city and county governments that reveals the extent to which local jurisdictions pour money into policing and incarceration, at the expense of community safety priorities such as infrastructure and social safety net programs.

The report, Freedom to Thrive: Reimagining Safety & Security in Our Communities, shows how cities and countless counties continue to rely overwhelmingly on policing and incarceration spending, while under-resourcing less damaging, more fair, and more effective safety initiatives. The 12 jurisdictions profiled are Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Contra Costa County, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York City, Oakland, Orlando, and St. Louis County.

To read and download the report in full, please visit CDP’s report page. Join the conversation online using #FreedomtoThrive, and checkout a webinar hosted by CDP, Law for Black Lives, and BYP100 that unpacks invest/divest campaigns happening across the country.