The Disability Carceral State Institute

Facilitated by the Disability Project

This 2-part series uses small group break outs, informal political education conversations, and stakeholder stories, to engage participants around the following key themes:

  • A top-level overview of how Ableism operates as a hub of multiple supremacy systems ; anti – Black racism,misogyny, the hated of the poor,  and transphobia as examples,  working to underpin and feed mass incarceration, state, population control and violence .

  • An examination of the core elements, political analysis and identification that make up the  “Disability Carceral State” and how a DJ informed Prison Industrial Complex Abolition movement will create more holistic analysis, more  robust strategy and campaigns .

  • How DJ aligned philanthropic commitments are needed to resource the strategic opportunities, narrative shifts, leadership development and organizing potential in support of disability informed Prison Industrial Complex Abolition work.

*As each of these sessions is connected to the other, we strongly encourage participants to attend both.

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Cost: $300 per participant. Please indicate a request to discuss a sliding scale amount in your registration form.

This training is designed for staff, board members, grants panelists, and donors of grant-making institutions, donor networks, and funder affinity groups. Folks who are new to the issue of disability justice are very welcome to attend.

Please share with your networks through email and word of mouth, but do not post this training on social media or on a website, as part of FFJ’s baseline security practices.

Meet the Presenters

Ericka Ayodele Dixon
Ericka Ayodele DixonDisability Project Senior National Organizer at the Transgender Law Center
Ericka Ayodele Dixon is a Black, queer, disabled, nonbinary femme currently serving as the Disability Project Senior National Organizer at the Transgender Law Center. Ericka is first and foremost an educator, writer and facilitator, and has extensive experience developing curriculum and training based on the intersections of disability justice, racial justice and gender justice. Ericka has extensive experience in the anti-violence field, working with survivors of sexual violence, intimate partner violence and state violence, using an abolitionist lens throughout. Most recently, Ericka works to illuminate in abolitionist and other movement spaces the need to recognize and dismantle the disability carceral state, which in part can be found in the areas of guardianship, group homes and sheltered work spaces.

As a survivor of sexual violence themself, Ericka believes this work is both deeply personal and political and grounds everything they do using a queer, Black feminist lens. Ericka believes that the only way to win is to tackle the eugenic state head on, utilizing the wisdom and strategies that BIPOC queer and trans disabled community have been cultivating since time immemorial.

Sebastian Margaret
Sebastian MargaretCo-Senior National Organiser of the Disability Project
Sebastian Margaret is an anti – ableism and disability community educator,capacity builder and strategist. They are the Co-Senior National Organiser of theDisability Project at the Transgender Law Center, launched through a 2019 Soros Justice fellowship which seeks to magnify the leadership, collective power, and visibility of LGBTQ disabled/Deaf/ill communities.

A disabled TGNC queer, Sebastian was raised in Yorkshire and are informed richly by white working-class racial justice values and by coming of age in the pushback to Thatcher’s Britain. Arriving in the US fleeing organised right-wing violence, Sebastian is passionate about the validity and inherent glory of imperfect body and minds, our right to body sovereignty and the critical need for disabled leadership in any justice-oriented movement work that plans to win. Sebastian works to highlight the exclusion, criminalization, exploitation, and oppression experienced by disabled communities; particularly those living at the forefront of disposable
and the cross-hairs of eugenics and population control. They have been working to insert and reveal disability justice values, politics and strategies in multiple justice movements, while supporting multi – issue capacity and vibrancy in disability communities for decades.

You can often find Sebastian inventing fictitious names for their service dog as an act of quiet resistance to everyday ableism, while clutching tight to a good cup ‘o tea. Sebastian can be reached at :

About Us

About the Disability Project

The Disability Project breaks isolation, grows connection, builds leadership and infrastructure for trans and queer disability, Deaf, ill and Mad communities, while increasing Disability Justice capacity in the movements that seek to serve them. The Disability Project is staffed by a multi-racial, cross-class, cross-disability and multi-generational disabled, trans & NBY team. Ericka A. Dixon and Sebastin Margaret together co-lead the project’s work and strategy. We believe that work about ableism is work about Eugenics, state control, and supremacy and because of that is inherently abolitionist.

About Funders for Justice

FFJ is a national network and organizing platform for grantmakers, donor networks, and funder affinity groups to mobilize resources to grassroots grantmaking led by and for people of color, at the intersections of racial justice, gender justice, economic justice, ending criminalization, and building models for community safety & justice.