The Arca Foundation believes that access to knowledge, vigorous public education and citizen engagement are essential to democracy. However, there exist structures and private interests that serve to limit the transparency of our government, stifle public debate on critical issues, and foster an environment where government is not effectively serving the interests of its citizens.

Domestically, the Arca Foundation is concerned about the promotion of a more equitable, accountable, and transparent economic recovery, and believes that the increasingly dominant role of corporations in our Democracy is serving as a barrier to that recovery. We are considering proposals that engage citizens in the promotion of greater corporate accountability, and that work to build a movement to advance a more just economy and Democracy. The scope of our work is national, therefore we only consider local and state-based efforts that are part of a national campaign or project.

Internationally, Arca has a long history of supporting policy advocacy that advances more just US foreign policies and human rights.

In order to promote greater social equity and justice at home and abroad, the Arca Foundation supports organizations and projects that work to advance transparent, accountable, and just policies. We support strategic initiatives that work to directly affect policies by:

  • Developing and advocating for innovative ideas;
  • Promoting transparency and access to information;
  • Fostering greater public debate on critical issues;
  • Educating key stakeholders;
  • Engaging citizens in strategic organizing and advocacy that builds power and drives change.