Tribeca for Change grows out of the progressive grassroots election campaign of Barack Obama and Organizing for America. We are an independent, non-partisan, political and cultural, activist organization; targeting specific local and national issues – supporting the continued renewal of civic responsibility, community and citizenship.

Our Purpose: To build an active and open membership organization, with a strong and diverse political voice – through educational outreach; networking; direct political action; community service projects and creative events. To support local and national candidates who will advance the agenda for change. To build a critical, reflective and supportive link, to Organizing for America. To hold the administration and our membership to their commitment to the evolving agenda for change in this country – one that serves both the needs and will of communities and people, rather than corporations, powerful lobbyists and self-interested politicians. To seize and advance the impulse of the nation, to support The Obama Administration’s historic, strategic leadership in health care; energy and education reform. To work for change from the bottom up – searching out ways to hear with respect and include other voices.