Third Wave Fund’s new Mobilize Power Fund is now accepting proposals! This fund supports urgent organizing, activism, and mobilization led by young women of color, queer, and transgender youth around the country who lead movements for justice and take on this country’s most challenging issues.

Mobilize Power Fund

The effort to end gender, racial, and economic oppression is long-term, yet there are critical moments that call for quick action. This fund was set up to support grassroots groups who are often the first to respond to issues of state-violence, reproductive oppression, and attacks on women of color, queer, and trans communities–and the last to receive foundation funding. The Mobilize Power Fund provides flexible and responsive funding that supports youth leaders as they respond to immediate threats and opportunities.

Grants will be made up to $3,000 to groups with or without a 501(c)(3) status or fiscal sponsor with larger grants made on a case-by-case basis. Coalitions are may apply for larger grants (up to $3,000 per group). We strongly encourage grassroots organizations, groups, and collectives led by and for young people of color and low-income communities to apply.

We will fund projects that are:

  • Community-Led & Accountable
  • Strategic
  • Timely & Urgent
  • Led by Young Women, Trans, GNC or Intersex Youth
  • Under-Resourced

Proposals will be reviewed on the 15th of each month, and grants will be awarded in under 2 weeks. The proposal and reporting process is simple and flexible to encourage young people, and under-resourced organizations to apply. Proposals can range from a word document, to a phone interview, or a video. Check out our website for detailed application instructions.

Crowdfunding Quadrupled Our Inaugural Grant to Black Youth Project 100

The Mobilize Power Fund is as much about supporting organizing on the ground as it is about fueling intergenerational donor activism. When our inaugural grant to Black Youth Project 100 (BYP100), we set out to crowdfund a $3,000 match. After one week, over 155 donor activists collectively quadrupled our grant! We can now grant over $13,000 to BYP100’s critical #SayHerName campaign which challenges state violence against Black communities and lifts up women and girls who are often invisibilized in the struggle. BYP100 will use this funding to conduct leadership development trainings for #SayHerName organizers across the country.

Our crowdfunding campaign launched a day before we heard of the death of Sandra Bland in a Texas jail cell. While we couldn’t have anticipated this, it speaks to the systemic crisis of state-violence against Black communities which we feel confident BYP100 will effectively address.

To learn more about the fund, please visit our website or email us at We’d like to thank our donors and foundation supporters who made this fund possible including the Elton John AIDS Foundation, The Overbrook Foundation, Tov Adama Foundation, Craigslist Charitable Trust, Joshua Mailman Foundation, Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation, Agnes Gund Foundation, and Unfettered Fund.



Rye Young
Executive Director
Third Wave Fund