Check out these three ways to support organizers in North Carolina:

Freedom Fighter Bond Fund, at the Durham Solidarity Center, is accepting donations to support legal costs for people demonstrating against the police killing of Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, NC.
#CharlottteUprising Fund by the Charlotte Queer and Trans People of Color Collective. On Tuesday, September 20, 2016, Keith Lamont Scott, a disabled Black man, was shot and killed by Charlotte police while he was sitting in his truck reading, waiting for his children to get off the school bus. Charlotte community and organizers took to the streets all night and into the early morning to fight back against the continued police terror that criminalizes and murders Black people. As the situation unfolds, organizers on the ground need support to get materials, supplies, and other needs met to continuing supporting folks as they connect their righteous rage to action.
Movement for Black Lives: All donations received until October 15th will go directly to the Southern Vision Fund to support organizers in Charlotte.