I Pledge to Support the Racial Justice Movement

The recent police killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner — and the failure to indict the officers responsible — have ignited people across the US to declare that black lives matter. People are demanding an end to the violence being inflicted on black communities, and a movement is building, with significant leadership by young black organizers.

One important way to take action in this moment is to contribute financially to support racial justice movement-building. To make the change we seek, we will need thriving, well-funded organizations based in communities of color who deeply understand the problems and needed solutions.

Now is the time to show our solidarity with communities who have been living with and resisting the injustices of racism, police brutality, and other forms of oppression for far too long.

Sign on below if you commit to fund at least one additional racial justice organization before the end of 2015, or to increase your giving to a racial justice group you already support. You can pledge publicly or anonymously.

Total 207


Sarah Abbott

Mike Beebe

Angela Bottum

Tiffany Brown

Sarah Carter

Quinn Delaney

Marta Drury

Martha Easter-Wells

Jenifer Fernandez Ancona

Zeph Fishlyn

Mary Ford

Jason Franklin

Eleanor Friedman

Michael Gast

Margery Goldman

Shanthi Gonzales

Karen Grove

Catherine Gund

Donna Hall

Ruth Ann Harnisch

Courtney Hull

Leah Hunt-Hendrix

Alejandra L. Ibanez

Babbie Jacobs

Shana James

Jennifer Ladd

Abraham Lateiner

Laura Livoti

Margaret Newell

Emil Paddison

Sherwood Pidcock

Ellie Poley

Lorraine Ramirez

Catherine Raphael

Adam Roberts

Michele Robbins

Aida Rodriguez

Deborah Sagner

Burke Stansbury

Wendy Volkmann

Sarah Walden

Pat West

Mary Willis

Kim Wright

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Other donor groups who would like to sign on as a partner should contact fundersforjustice@nfg.org.