Urgent Funding Needs and Opportunities

Following are opportunities to fund local organizing in cities across the country and at the national level. Last updated April 29, 2015.

Baltimore, MD: Please check Baltimore Uprisings, a new page on this website, for a list of funding needs.

The Baltimore Community Foundation has set up the Fund for Rebuilding Baltimore:

In response to recent painful events in our city, the Baltimore Community Foundation has established The Fund for Rebuilding Baltimore. We will work closely with our partners in the community to determine how the dollars contributed to The Fund for Rebuilding Baltimore can best be deployed to repair the physical and emotional damage that has been done and strengthen our community for the future.

The Baltimore Community Foundation has a long history of working with neighborhood leaders and community organizations to strengthen neighborhoods. We have always relied on the commitment and the ideas of neighborhood residents to guide this work. The Fund for Rebuilding Baltimore will follow these same principles.

100% of your gift will go to rebuilding efforts.

Read more and donate here.

Ferguson, MO: Funding needs in Ferguson, MO, as compiled by  Rev. Starsky D. Wilson, President & CEO of the Deaconess Foundation and Robert Hughes, PhD, President & CEO of the Missouri Foundation for Health.

Funders engaged community-based leaders to delineate current efforts aimed at meeting the needs in the Ferguson area, as well as to identify gaps that present opportunities for additional investment. This document provides a snapshot of our environmental scan captured in the beginning of December 2014. It represents a broad spectrum of activity and ideology from a diverse set of local funders. Community needs continue to evolve with the recent release of the St. Louis County grand jury’s decision. Therefore, this is a working document subject to change.

This document summarizes several potential areas for investment. Read the full document and complete overview of funding needs and opportunities in Ferguson, MO.

California: The California Endowment, The California Wellness Foundation, Rosenberg Foundation, and Liberty Hill Foundation have launched the Rapid Response Racial Justice Fund. The purpose of this fund is to address the root causes leading to these tragic events and accelerate the momentum created by organizers on the ground at nonprofit community groups that are advancing racial justice and developing strategies to advance lasting systemic change. Funded work will include efforts that uplift the value of Black lives and address police accountability, criminalization, and violence on people of color. Examples of funded activities are leadership development, media and outreach campaigns, organizer training, organizing and mobilization efforts, forming or engaging coalitions, strategy development and technical assistance. To make a donation, please visit this Rapid Response for Racial Justice Donation Page. For more information, please contact Margarita Ramirez, Deputy Director of Grantmaking: (323) 556-7215.

New York: From Ferguson to New York City, activists have taken to the streets to say no more discriminatory policing and to spur a national dialogue around racism. Launched by the North Star Fund, The Let Us Breathe Fund is an opportunity to turn this crucial moment into a lasting movement that supports activism for fair and just policing and resilient and economically sustainable communities. It will be both a rapid response to support immediate work on the ground, and a longer term investment in Black communities in New York City. Let Us Breathe puts decision-making in the hands of experienced community activists, who understand priorities and have relationships in local communities. Join us in sustaining a democracy rooted in racial justice. By pooling our resources, we can raise the resources needed for immediate action by communities at the forefront of police violence, and for long-term coalition-building and planning.

National: In support of the growing momentum across many philanthropic spaces, NFG reached out to four organizations deeply involved in Ferguson October for their viewpoint on the weekend of actions, this moment in organizing, what lies ahead, and what the critical resource needs are right now. What we received were accounts of the tremendously brave and incredibly creative organizing happening right now – and specific ways that philanthropy can be in solidarity through increased resources. Read the report.