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A Message from the Third Wave Fund:

In July 2015, over 1600 people from across the country gathered at the Movement for Black Lives meeting in Cleveland to reflect, grow, fellowship, and remember our fallen. Three months later, there has been no justice in the city of Cleveland or in the state of Ohio for those who have been brutalized and killed at the hands of the state. Rather, the violence experienced by Black folks in Cleveland has escalated with the murders of trans women, the de-funding of health clinics such as Planned Parenthood, and worsening economic conditions.

November 2015 is the first anniversary of a bloody month in Cleveland. Both Tanisha Anderson and Tamir Rice lost their lives last November — and the city of Cleveland has chosen to draw out the grief and pain of their families and the greater community rather than respond to demands for justice.

This November weekend of action is a crucial component of the broader movement for Black liberation to show solidarity across geography, to highlight the ways in which Black people across the country consistently face loss and grief, and to connect Cleveland’s story to those in Chicago, Charleston, Baltimore,Yellow Springs, Beaver Creek, New York City, and other national examples of the ways that anti-Blackness manifests in our country.


This project is a collaboration between GetEQUAL, Black Lives Matter, The Movement for Black Lives, and other local Ohio partners. Elle Hearns, a Black trans organizer, is the lead organizer alongside Tamir’s cousin and other family members of people killed by state violence. Actions will take place in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincy, Yellow Springs, and Dayton.

Your donation is tax-deductible and 100% of it will be given as a grant to GetEQUAL for this specific project.

Third Wave Fund, a gender justice youth funder, is supporting this project with a $6,000 Mobilize Power Fund grant, and set up this fundraising campaign to help the coalition reach their budget goal before the actions begin on November 20th. We believe this campaign will increase awareness about community and police violence faced by Black people, especially those who are women, transgender and gender non-conforming. The campaign will elevate these conversations to the statewide and national levels to connect to broader movement building and mobilization related to ending police violence against Black women and girls and all Black people.

Expenses include:

Lead Organizer – $8,000
Organizer Stipends – $4,000
Food and Buses for Attendees – $14,100
Materials – $4,000
Administrative Support – $1,500

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