Justice Now works to build a movement among people in women’s prisons to stop imprisonment and challenge state violence. Toward this goal we work with people currently imprisoned in women’s prisons and jails, formerly imprisoned people and communities targeted by the prison industrial complex in California. We pride ourselves on our cross-movement building; we collaborate with racial justice, reproductive justice, human rights, and anti-prison groups to fulfill our mission and work towards a stronger social justice movement. Ultimately we believe that until we are all free from systems of oppression no one will be free, we see our cross-movement work as working towards that goal. We use a strong direct service component that is deliberately designed to support activists in prison, and bring to the abolitionist community a direct connection to people in prison. Justice Now has worked to re-invigorate this connection and to dispel the myth that you can’t do long-term change work while also helping address violence people experience in the here and now. We believe the two types of work are intrinsically linked and are how we outreach to the bulk of our community.