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This is a virtual organizing space for funders and affinity groups to connect with each other and with the movement for racial justice and police accountability across the country. This web portal is intended to help enable philanthropy’s role in partnering with our communities to create and live in vibrant, healthy, prosperous, democratic communities.

Funders for Justice (FFJ) is a national funder organizing platform focused on grassroots organizing led by and for people of color at the intersections of racial justice, gender justice, criminalization, and models for community safety and justice. FFJ launched in late 2014 to mobilize funding resources in solidarity with the uprisings in Ferguson, Missouri, and communities of color resisting state violence and criminalization around the country.

Funders for Justice enables philanthropy’s role in partnering with communities of color towards creating and living with dignity, free from state, interpersonal, and systemic violence. We know that models and frameworks of community safety and justice cross many places, identities, lived experiences, and movements; are decided by communities most impacted by violence; and are deeply informed by the place in which people live.

We invite you to learn more about organizations in the field, connect with your peers, and find thought leadership and other resources to help you integrate a social change lens to your grantmaking and funder organizing. We hope this tool provides the necessary information to guide your strategic grantmaking and to shape your internal and external conversations. is a program of the Neighborhood Funders Group (NFG), in partnership with NFG’s members, sibling affinity groups, and partners in the field. NFG is a membership association of grantmaking institutions. Our mission is to organize philanthropy to support grassroots power building so that communities of color and low-income communities thrive. NFG organizes the field, develops leaders, and cultivates thought leadership among its national base of members and encourages the support of policies and practices that advance economic, racial, and social justice.

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