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California Funders Create Rapid Response Fund


California funders including Liberty Hill Foundation, The California Endowment, The California Wellness Foundation, Rosenberg Foundation, and Sierra Health Foundation, are pooling resources to support grassroots organizers through a rapid response fund administered by Liberty Hill Foundation. The purpose of this fund is to address the root causes that led to the events in Ferguson, New [...]

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Key Insights from #BaltimoreUprising


Austin Thompson, director Youth Engagement Fund Understanding Baltimore’s Uprising Freddie Gray….It is a now too familiar story. Multitudes take to the streets in pursuit of justice for an unarmed black male killed by the police in a city plagued with deep structural racism and economic inequalities. Baltimore’s recent uprising following the death of Freddie [...]

Key Insights from #BaltimoreUprising2020-11-20T20:19:42+00:00

Stop the War on Baltimore


by Dante Barry, Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, in The Nation, May 6, 2015: Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake has lifted the citywide curfew, and the National Guard plans to implement a drawdown. Now is the time for Mayor Rawlings Blake to put an end to Baltimore police militarization.

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Joint Affinity Groups Statement on the Baltimore Uprising


The events in Baltimore Maryland unfolded right as many grantmakers in the field were engaging in the 2015 conference season. The killing of people of color, predominantly Black people, by police is a recurring concern. This is a not a new problem, just one that is more well known to us all given the presence [...]

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After Ferguson: Conference Call looking at the role of the faith community in mobilizing around racial justice


Listen to the following conference call with Lisa Sharon Harper, Sojourners’ Senior Director of Mobilizing about how this movement is being mobilized and organized in the aftermath of Ferguson and how communities of faith can and are being engaged in this movement at this critical moment.

After Ferguson: Conference Call looking at the role of the faith community in mobilizing around racial justice2020-11-19T21:45:59+00:00

Bending the Arc from Interest to Advancement


Funders engaged community-based leaders to delineate current efforts aimed at meeting the needs in the Ferguson area, as well as to identify gaps that present opportunities for additional investment.This document provides a snapshot of our environmental scan captured in the beginning of December 2014.

Bending the Arc from Interest to Advancement2020-11-19T20:07:43+00:00

Civil Rights Monitor


Leadership Conference Education Fund annual publication that chronicles civil and human rights issues pending before the three branches of government, and other, emerging issues like the potential for big data to supercharge discrimination against disadvantaged communities. The 2015 volume addresses police misconduct.

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Private University Police Patrol Off-Campus (and Off the Record)


Members of the University of Chicago Police Department carry guns, make arrests, and patrol tens of thousands of residents unaffiliated with the university—but they don’t have to disclose any information about stops, arrests, and policies. Two Illinois Representatives are finally trying to change that.

Private University Police Patrol Off-Campus (and Off the Record)2020-11-19T20:08:00+00:00



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