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There’s A Call For Healing Justice: How Donors Can Respond

There’s A Call For Healing Justice: How Donors Can Respond When residents in Ferguson, MO, and across the country, were rising up against police violence, systemic racism, and economic injustice in 2014, grassroots organizers put pressure on donors to fund in this critical moment of social change and to do so differently than they had in the past. Grantmakers wanted to be responsive and move money quickly to the ground. They were looking for a place to learn and identify where to give their money. Funders [...]

December 3rd, 2020|

A New World Is Possible: Defund Police And Fund Black Lives

THE MOVEMENT FOR BLACK LIVES CALLS FOR DEFUNDING THE POLICE TO RELEASE URGENTLY-NEEDED COMMUNITY RESOURCES TO REALIZE REAL PUBLIC SAFETY. A well-known movement quote is, “They tried to bury us, but they didn’t know we were seeds.” Nearly six years ago, we were transformed in Ferguson as thousands took to the streets to protest the killing of Mike Brown. Our lives were forever changed and a movement was born to transform our communities. If we were the seeds, then this moment is the harvest. Millions of people are demonstrating across [...]

December 3rd, 2020|

Why We Fund The Movement For Black Lives (And Why You Should Too)

Why We Fund The Movement For Black Lives (And Why You Should Too) Eileen Farbman’s 30-year philanthropic journey began with a focus on issues facing women, from domestic violence to human trafficking. As she became closer to the problems and saw families navigate the prison system, she began to realize how the systems were stacked against communities of color. She also began to recognize that nonprofit leadership was often white, yet serving Black and Brown communities. With this knowledge, Farbman’s giving continues to [...]

December 2nd, 2020|

It’s Time to Invest in Black Trans Power

Photo: Cole Witter It’s Time to Invest in Black Trans Power BY RAQUEL WILLIS June 30, 2020 Earlier this month, as companies and brands scrambled to respond to the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others, they decided to postpone or forego Pride campaigns altogether. Essentially, they acted as if the Movement for Black Lives and the LGBTQ+ Movement were at odds with each other. But the last few weeks have shown that it’s time for a massive prioritization [...]

December 2nd, 2020|

M4BL Mandate to Defund the Police

M4BL Mandate to Defund the Police In response to a legacy of police and proxy violence that most recently took the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and Tony McDade, people have taken to the streets in protest. This uprising against excessive, brutal, militarized policing has called for decision makers in city, state, and federal government to defund the police after decades of inaction and failed reforms, consent decrees, investigations, and oversight. In just a few weeks, the organizations and leaders of [...]

December 2nd, 2020|

Copaganda: What It Is and How to Recognize It

Copaganda: What It Is and How to Recognize It This op-ed argues that copaganda serves to undermine the movement for Black lives. BY PALIKA MAKAM AUGUST 5, 2020 I’d like to start with an exercise. First, take a deep breath in and out to help ground yourself. Think about a time when you felt safe. Where are you? Who do you see? Can you hear anything? Smell anything? Paint the details stroke by stroke until the picture becomes clear in your mind. Maybe you [...]

December 2nd, 2020|

Reimagining An America That Uplifts Black Girls

Reimagining An America That Uplifts Black Girls BY LATOSHA BROWN · JULY 9, 2020 WHILE WE ARE IN THIS DEEPLY REFLECTIVE MOMENT IN THIS COUNTRY, LET’S REMEMBER THAT BLACK GIRLS DESERVE TO LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE THEY CAN DREAM WITH UNLIMITED OPTIONS. I often think of Darnella Frazier, the 17-year-old Black girl who filmed police “lynching” George Floyd on May 25. The video went viral and moved the United States and the world to mass protests against police brutality and racial injustice. It [...]

December 2nd, 2020|

To Stop Police Violence, We Need Better Questions — and Bigger Demands

Photo By Sarah-Ji To Stop Police Violence, We Need Better Questions — and Bigger Demands September 25, 2020It’s impossible to take the violence out of policing Once again, there is justified outrage at police acting to kill with impunity. I understand the anger and also feel rage. The lack of concern for Black life, though unsurprising, remains gutting. And yet, I hope that we’ve finally arrived at a moment when more people interrogate why so many of us continue to demand that [...]

December 2nd, 2020|


BY MARIAME KABA & ANDREA J. RITCHIE · JULY 16, 2020 Calls for arrests of the officers who killed Breonna Taylor are intensifying daily – Breonna’s family, community, celebrities, social media, Black women and allies across the United States are demanding equal justice for our sister slain by police. Many of these calls point to the arrests of officers who killed George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks days and weeks after their deaths, compared to the fact that there have been no arrests in Breonna’s case more than 100 days after [...]

December 1st, 2020|

Call to Action to Support Women’s Bodily Autonomy and Close the ICE Detention Camps, from Grassroots Global Justice

Español abajo For Immediate Release: September 22, 2020 Washington, D.C– Last week a whistleblower complaint by Dawn Wooten, a nurse employed at a privately owned Irwin County Detention Center, revealed that high rates of hysterectomies were performed, some without consent, on migrant women. Wooten called the gynecologist, Dr. Mahendra Amin, a ‘“uterus collector,” who performed these procedures without a certification from the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. According to reports, the Irwin County Detention Center is under the authority of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, but the day-to-day operations are [...]

December 1st, 2020|

Until We’re Free: Philanthropy’s Role in Decriminalizing, Decarcerating, and Dreaming our Future, from Borealis Philanthropy.

Until We’re Free: Philanthropy’s Role in Decriminalizing, Decarcerating, and Dreaming our Future, from Borealis Philanthropy. At Borealis Philanthropy, we invest in grassroots organizers and social justice movements working to create community safety for everyone. We honor the powerful leadership of Black women, girls, trans and gender nonconforming people who are working to end mass incarceration for people of all genders, while also recognizing that these same leaders and communities are being targeted and criminalized. On October 6, 2020, Borealis examined the impactful strategies communities are driving through our donor-learning event, [...]

December 1st, 2020|

Intersections of Justice in the Time of Coronavirus

by Cara Page & Eesha Pandit March 25, 2020 The essay below was written by Cara Page and Eesha Pandit, who are part of the Funders for Justice community, and urges us to hold this moment for movement & philanthropists to understand what led us here and explore opportunities towards transforming our futures. Opportunity for A New Frame This moment asks us to consider how we might pivot and adapt in a way that centers collective [...]

March 25th, 2020|

FFJ Advisor Discussion Series: Charlene Carruthers

We interview Charlene Carruthers (BYP100) where we learn more about BYP100's work on nationalizing the invest/divest demand, Black queer feminist lens as an organizing framework, and the importance of leadership training and political education below.

March 20th, 2018|
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